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How to avoid burnout for fitness professionals


  • Are you working early hours and later nights?
  • Finding it hard to fall asleep?
  • Trying to fit in your own movement between the crazy shifts?
  • Running around from place to place...
  • Waking up unrefreshed despite having adequate sleep?
  • Getting run down really easily?
  • Relying on too many coffee's/caffiene?
  • Feeling stressed over little things?
  • Food habits easily slipping into non prepared meals and/or processed foods!?

Any of this sound familiar?

As a Fitness professional we commonly service our clients before they work and after they work, leaving us with the bum-steer shifts of early morning starts and often late finishes.

Its easy when starting out to say yes to every single session, its easy to forget food is fuel and slip into the coffee/caffiene/protein bar grab when our energy feels like its dipping...

As "health" professionals we can often over service our clients and under service ourselves!

In this workshop


You will learn

  • What rest really looks and feels like - tuning into your body clock, rythm, cycles and energy output
  • How to go back to core basics of food and understand properly how foods fuel and nourish us. This includes learning ways we can easily incorporate more nutrient dense foods into every meal to get the most out of the day.
  • The truth about caffiene and training on an empty stomach
  • The importance of Hormonal balance
  • When further investigation into your health may be neccesary
  • Sleep Hygeine - tips to have a better well rested and sound sleep - waking refreshed!
  • My top 5 supplements for fitness professionals
  • Intermittent fasting - debunked

You will receive

  • Two hours of my time on all of the above
  • Time for further questions
  • A goodie bag - full of suprises!
  • 10% off your next consult
  • Workbook
  • Handouts
  • 15 minutes of relaxation to commence
  • The chance to meet and network with other like minded local fitness professionals!

WHY am I running this?

I have been a personal trainer for 15 + years

I have experienced Burn out, Fatigue, Loss of clients and Ill health by not listening to my own self and tuning into my body. By not having the support I needed at the time to really reach my full vitality and as a result I flat-lined and had no energy at all.

I became a Nutritionist and Naturopath because I am passionate about educating people who are struggling with thier health/

I believe as health professionals its very easy for us to accidently stop looking after ourselves because we are empaths and we care for so many other people. We sometimes forget to care for ourselves. We can forget that if we aren't well and not firing on all cylinders, we can't service those clients and continue doing what we love and having a flexible lifestyle!

So I ask you to join me in this two hour workshop to explore this with me and chat all things about US - those that HELP others - this time is made for YOU - to give back to YOU :)

I look forward to seeing you there!

in health (excuse the pun)

Sarah Jane Fehlberg

0415 475 182


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